Camila Gold Bracelet

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Throughout the ages, serpents have mystified us with their symbolic representation of vital energy. The meaningful connection between the snake and the feminine principle has been profound and intimate: From the serpent Goddess of Crete to the Babylonian Lady of Vision, from East to West, serpents have always tempted, awakened and empowered women and goddesses. The Camila Bracelet in cross-brushed 18k Gold Vermeil is a bracelet that embodies the core of the feminine energy; the black sapphire in the eye of the snake inspires women to be confident within their own intuition.

Stone Properties

Black Sapphires inspire confidence in one’s own intuition and help to ground and balance one’s energy. They honour the higher mind; bringing intuition, clarity and self-mastery. Worn throughout the ages for protection, good fortune, and spiritual insight, Sapphires are not only symbols of power and strength, but also of kindness and wise judgment.

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