Emel Cuff Peridot Gold


The Emel Cuff in Cross Brushed 18K Gold Vermeil is an expression of elegance and refinement. With three gemstones, the Oval cut Smokey quartz sits centre, honouring our connection with Mother Earth, anchoring us in the natural world. While the square and baguette cut Peridot radiates feelings of inner warmth and positivity. The Emel Cuff draws upon the sun and the earth to ground and align.

Stone Properties 

Peridot has been used in jewellery by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans who revered this gemstone as a symbol of the Sun. Peridot radiates feelings of inner warmth, wellbeing and positivity.

Smoky Quartz draws light energy from the Crown Chakra down through the body to be deeply rooted in the physical plane. It initiates movement of primal forces within the body and activates one's survival instincts, bringing strength and stability. Smokey Quartz brings us home