Uma Ring Silver


Just as the Moon was the primary symbol of the Goddess in the heavens, the snake came to be known as her primary symbol on earth. Throughout history the Serpent has been associated with the wisdom and power of the subterranean realms and is seen to cross the cosmos, bridging the Earth and the Heavens.

The Uma Ring, in Polished Ethical Sterling Silver, entwines the energy of the divine feminine around the wearer’s finger. It’s pure silver form, dappled with the texture of scales, is offset beautifully by two eyes of glistening Black Sapphire. The crown jewel of this piece is a marquise cut Sapphire of deepest midnight blue: a visual representation of the Goddess in her heavenly form set atop her earthly manifestation.  

Stone Properties 

Black Sapphire inspires confidence in one’s intuition. It grounds and protects us and helps us to establish healthy boundaries.

Blue Sapphire is a status symbol associated with wisdom, insight and the divine.

Temple Jewellery

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