Arinna Lariat Gold Necklace


The Arinna Lariat Necklace, in 18k gold vermeil, is inspired by our Anatolian heritage.

This statement piece features the Hittite sun disc pendant: an intricate openwork motif honoring the Sun Goddess of Arinna. Set into the crown of the pendant is a princess-cut Smoky Quartz, representing grounding and protection.

Multiple jumprings punctuate the exquisitely crafted chain to provide versatility. The clasp can be fastened directly above the pendant, or higher on the chain to transform its silhouette into an elegant Y-shape.

Bask in the radiant light of the Anatolian sun with the Arinna Lariat Necklace.


LENGTH: 45cm plus 6.5cm drop 

PENDANT: 4.5 x 1.9


Smoky Quartz provides connection to Mother Earth, its grounding vibration anchors us and helps us to maintain a level head. It is a stone of alchemy, transmuting negative energy into drive and determination. Smoky Quartz is remarkably diverse and transformative, helping us to manifest our goals.