Florence Earrings Gold


The Florence Earrings are gemstone statement earrings crafted from 18k gold vermeil. Featuring verdant tones of emerald and peridot these earrings radiate luscious beauty, vitality and joy.

Embrace your inner splendour and flourish with the Florence Earrings.

Natural gemstones are as individual as we are, and may exhibit inclusions and colour variance.


5.2cm drop including hook 


Peridot has been used in jewellery by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans who revered this gemstone as a symbol of the Sun. Peridot radiates feelings of inner warmth, wellbeing and positivity.

Emerald’s verdant tones are considered to be the concentrated essence of nature and as such symbolise freshness, growth, renewal and vitality. Emeralds open the heart chakra, and their rejuvenating energy facilitates emotional healing. This precious gemstone was favoured by Cleopatra and was considered sacred to the goddess Venus.