Pele Necklace Gold



The Pele Necklace showcases an enigmatic smoky quartz set east-west into a sculptural bezel setting of 18k gold vermeil, accentuated by a protective black spinel. A supple braided chain, inspired by ancient jewellery-making techniques, completes this necklace.

A beacon in the night, this transformative talisman illuminates the path toward transcendent growth.

40cm plus 9cm extension

PENDANT: 1.4 x 1.5 


Smoky Quartz provides connection to Mother Earth, its grounding vibration anchors us and helps us to maintain a level head. It is a stone of alchemy, transmuting negative energy into drive and determination. Smoky Quartz is remarkably diverse and transformative, helping us to manifest our goals.

Black Spinel is considered a stone of protection and is believed to assist in inspiring positive thoughts, hope and confidence.