Valerian Necklace Silver


The Valerian Necklace, in ethical sterling silver, is a contemporary gemstone choker inspired by the techniques of ancient chain makers. An evolution of the ubiquitous chain necklace, it features a double cable chain adorned by a trio of smoky quartz baguettes.The dual links of the chain are a testament to the strength and connection of two lives lived in tandem. Twin flames growing together whilst maintaining their individuality, supporting one another to achieve their heart's desire.


LENGTH: 35cm plus 10cm extension
PENDANT: 1.25 x 0.55


Smoky Quartz provides connection to Mother Earth, its grounding vibration anchors us and helps us to maintain a level head. It is a stone of alchemy, transmuting negative energy into drive and determination. Smoky Quartz is remarkably diverse and transformative, helping us to manifest our goals.